Souvlaki, Greek Salad, Patras wine – what could be better

June 23, 2010

If like me you are a bit tired of the traditional British BBQ, try diced lamb with a Greek twist – this week’s Greek House blog is dedicated to putting together (my favourite) Greek meal.

What could be tastier than lamb souvlaki, tzatziki, patatas (French fries to you and I) and a “horiatiki” salata (peasants salad) all washed down with a glass (or two) of local wine served from the barrel.

TypicGreek Tavernaal Greek “taverna” food may be simple but the way it is cooked makes it deliciously scrummy.  Diced lamb on a skewer covered in lashings of olive oil and oregano and barbequed (yes, you can do it at home) before squeezing lemon juice over the lot and adding a sprinkle of salt.


To make your own tzatziki use only the best  Greek yoghurt and be sure to strain off any excess water – grate the cucumber and don’t forget to discard the seeds.  Ensure you squeeze the garlic through a press, adding mint only as a final touch with a touch of olive oil – now it’s ready for your souvlaki and pitta to be dipped into!

Patatas (French Fries)
This meal just wouldn’t be the same without them –think thin & crispy when cutting your potatoes and parboil them just for a few minutes.  Ensure they’re fully dry before plunging into hot oil for a few minutes until golden brown.

Horiatiki Salata

Greek Salad
Roughly cut up your cucumber and (must be) beef tomatoes, thinly slice a green pepper and a sweet red onion – mix thoroughly.  Add a slab of feta cheese (Waitrose sells Apetina which is already diced for you) and a few black olives (Greek of course).  Pour on some olive oil and finally sprinkle over some dried oregano – mmm …. delicious.

Greek Wine (Krasi)

Wine from PatrasDifficult to find a local Greek wine straight from the barrel here but there are good Greek wines to be found for around £5 a bottle, Waitrose also do a Greek wine, Mavrodaphne of Patras www.waitrosewine.com/230201113/Product.aspx

This meal takes only around 20 minutes to prepare so why not treat yourself – kali orexi!


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